Sausage and Cheese Plate - $9.99


Smoked Sausage, cheddar, pepper-jack cheese, pickles, pepperoncini peppers, and honey mustard sauce. Served with crackers.


Chips and Bleu Cheese - $4.99


A large plate of our home made potato chips made fresh daily and seasoned to perfection. Served with a generous portion of chunky bleu cheese dressin.

BBQ Nachos - $9.75


Pulled pork or, served atop a bed of tortilla chips, topped with BBQ sauce, cheese sauce, shredded cheese, and jalapenos. The nachos are finished off with a light dusting of BBQ Shake. 1/2 Pork and 1/2 Chicken available at an additional charge. Chicken, Beef, or Turkey Nachos $9.89

Smoked Hot Wings - $9.99


Our wings are marinated overnight, slow smoked, then finished in the deep fryer. They are served wet (with wing sauce), or dry (with our hot rub), jerk (with a dry carribean jerk seasoning), and sometimes are ordered naked (with neither).


Dressings: Thousand Island , Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Italian, Oil and Vinegar, and our own House Dressing (a blend of Caesar and Hot Spice).

Chef Salad:  Pork - $9.25  Chicken, Beef or Turkey - 9.50


Same as our House Salad, but topped with your choice of pork, chicken, or portabella mushroom. Can also substitute turkey or beef for an additional dollar.


House Salad - $4.99

A blend of iceburg and romaine lettuce, carrots, and red cabbage. Served in a sundried tomato - basil tortilla salad bowl, and topped with shredded colby/jack cheese, tomatoes, and pepproncini peppers.


All our plates can be served "as a sandwich" or with a dinner roll, and your choice of sauce and two side items.

Pork Plate - $9.50


7 oz. of pork. Our pork shoulders are dry rubbed with Central BBQ's own Hot Rub, marinated, and slow smoked for over 14 hours. Our pulled pork is served pulled but may also be served chopped, as all white meat, or with extra bark (the outside, heavily smoked meat) upon request.


Beef Brisket Plate - $10.99


7 oz. of beef brisket. The brisket is rubbed with hot rub,marinated, and smoked for over 3 hours.


Turkey Plate - $10.55

7 oz. of turkey. The turkey is rubbed with hot rub, marinated, and smoked.


Chicken Plate - $9.99


Our chicken plates come pulled or as half chickens, both styles are marinated for 10 hours, and slow smoked for over 2 hours.


Ribs (Slab) - $22.99


Our Memphis Style ribs are rubbed with our special "rib rub", marinated overnight and slow smoked to perfection. They can be served wet or dry, or 1/2 and 1/2.


1/2 Slab - $15.99


Slab for Two (includes 4 sides) - $24.99

They can be served wet or dry, or 1/2 and 1/2.


Combo Plate - $18.49

Any three meats, except ribs, at 4 oz. each meat.


Combo Plate with Ribs - $24.99

Ribs, plus any two other meats at 4 oz. each.


All Sandwiches come with slaw and mild sauce, unless otherwise specified.

Pork Sandwich - Reg:$4.75 Lg:$6.25


Slow smoked, pulled, shoulder, served on a bun. The small size is 4 oz. of meat, and the large is 7 oz.


Pulled Chicken - Reg:$5.25  Lg:$6.99


Hot rubbed, dry marinated, smoked chicken, which is pulled from the bones and served on a bun. The small size is 4 oz. of meat and the large is 7 oz.


Beef Brisket - Reg:$5.99 Lg:$6.99


Smoked Texas Style, trim sliced, served on a bun. The small size is 4 oz. of meat, and the large is 7 oz.


Smoked Turkey Breast - Reg:$5.99 Lg:$6.99


Hot rubbed, dry marinated, smoked and sliced turkey breast, served on a bun. The small size is 4 oz. of meat, and the large is 7 oz.


Portabella - $4.99


A portabella mushroom 7 to 8 inches across. First we marinate the portabella in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and spices, then it is grilled and topped with smoked gouda cheese. Served on a bun.


BBQ Bologna - $3.99


A 4 oz. slab of slow smoked bologna, grilled on our charbroiler, topped with your choice of sauce. Served on a bun.


Smoked Sausage - $3.99


5 oz. of smoked sausage, grilled, and served on a bun.


Reg: $1.99 / Large: $3.49

  • BBQ Beans
  • Green Beans
  • Greens
  • Slaw

Reg:$1.99 / Large:$2.99

  • Homecooked Potato Chips
  • Homecooked Pork Rinds
  • Fries


  • Onion Rings

Kids Stuff - 12 & Under


(Includes 1 Side & Small Drink)

Choice of:

  • Grilled Cheese
  • Hot Dog
  • JR BBQ
  • Chicken
  • Mac N' Cheese


Cheese Cake - $4.00



Hot Fudge Brownie & Ice Cream - $4.00



Peanut Butter Pie - $4.00



$3.75 - 5 layer Cake (Chocolate, Caramel, Coconut)

$1.50 - 2-pack, cookies (Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter or Macadamia Nut)

$3.00 - Banana Pudding

Meat (No Sides)

Rib (1/2 Slab) - $13.99
Rib (Slab) - $20.99
Pork (per pound) - $8.99
Pulled Chicken (per pound) - $9.99
Beef or Turkey (per pound) - $12.99
1/2 Chicken - $6.00


6 Pack Slaw, Buns & Sauce
(Take Out Only) - $20.99
12 Pack Slaw, Buns & Sauce
(Take Out Only) - $35.99
1/2 Meat Tray - $64.49
Meat Tray - $99.99


Soft Drinks, Tea, etc. - $1.99
Gallon of Tea (Take-Out Only) - $4.99
Beer - prices vary


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